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Life exists of polarities. Darkness and light, hot and cold, good and bad, up and down. We can experience it every moment. After each inhale comes an exhale. After each day follows the night. The seasons change from summer to winter and back again. Change is inevitable although we tend to resist it. We want to hold on to the good, the light and the warmth. But the more we hold on to something it seems to slip away. We cannot make the pendulum only swing to one side. The higher it swings to one side, the stronger it will to the other as well.

Nothing exists without its contrary. In fact it only exists because of the opposite. How can we experience warmth if we never felt cold? How can we possibly feel happy if we never felt sad? Our task is not to avoid what we do not wish to have but to find a balance between the polarities. When resistance kicks in and we make one pole wrong, we seem to attract into our lifes even more of what we do not want, what we loathe and resist so strongly. If we are afraid of one thing we take our focus away from joy and onto fear. Suddenly we see many indicators of having the things in our life that we intend to avoid. They take over our thoughts or feelings and finally our whole being is full of them. So wouldn’t it be easier to accept the poles and with them everything that shows up in our lifes? By accepting and trusting in natures course of continuous change we take off the charge from one pole and start balancing both sides. We are also able to let go and welcome its return when the joyful things show up again. And we can find happiness with whatever appears.