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Because we long for deep connections

Because we want to be seen

Because we want to express ourselves

Because real art means touching and being touched

Because we long to be one and complete

Because life happens above and beyond ego



Building a connection to yourself and everything around you

Being present in the moment instead of the past and future

Letting go of your agenda and belief patterns

Acknowledging and accepting others without judgement

Gaining vibrancy and fulfillment through deep connection


As a musician, soloist and orchestra player I performed countless times on stage. It was a long and rocky way until I was able to let go of my fear of failure and being able to embrace the risk that comes with exposure. This experience showed me that many teachers train their students’ technicality but miss out on the mental and emotional preparation for stage performance. With every limiting belief we install after experiencing a setback we increase the seperation between us and our possibilities. The consequences are inhibition and fear instead of flow and joy. My mission is to support you in developing your full potential of self-expression and encourage a sustainable shift in your being to reach the goals you set for yourself. I will be on your side during the whole process and as long as you need me.

Apart from being a professional musician I took classes in dancing, singing and acting. My curiosity and interest in self-development encouraged me to achieve a university degree in psychology and a certification in Consciousness Coaching®.The real work happened on an experiential level. I can only be as good a coach as I put in the work on my own personal development. My strenght is listening without agenda and connecting on a deep level.

Next to my work I volunteered for international aid organisations.


You suffer from stage fright? Feel insecure and self-conscious in front of large groups? Your fear of failure is holding you back from doing what you really want? After performances you feel empty and depressed? You start questioning yourself and what you do? Ask yourself if your way of thinking and feeling directs you towards the outcome you wish to have. Does it open up new possibilities and insight or is it a reaction and as such just following an automatically chosen road to destruction? In Coaching I will offer you questions to live into. Your job is to explore the answers layer by layer and practice a new way of thinking. Consciousness Coaching® goes beyond ordinary coaching since it regards the human being in totality, not just the thought process and behavior.  It provides you with new possibilities and raises your awareness such that you are able to make choices from a different level. You will get the ability to experience yourself as more powerful, exceptional, present and authentic. Let yourself be touched in order to touch others and consciously decide how you want to impact the world.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna as a coach. She is perceptive, open, caring and fun, and has a strong desire to help her clients. In my experience with Anna she always has a purpose and that purpose is to help you achieve your goals.
Alex D., actor

As I began this journey, I had no idea that I would gain so much from my time with Anna. THANK YOU! Anna was my mirror and held the torch as I walked along a wonderful journey towards finding my authentic self. With her encouraging words, I dug deeper. Anna is compassionate, kind and joyful. I am so happy to have crossed paths with her. I would recommend Anna again and again.
René C.

A beautiful journey that set my life into motion. Many thanks Anna for your loving guidance and creating a powerful space to open up.
Gerard B.

As a professional flamenco dancer, achieving Duende is the highest possible goal. Even after years of training and performing I still haven´t managed to break that intangible barrier. With Anna’s help I managed to experience this life altering feeling and learned how to get rid of the mental ballast preventing me from getting there..
Bram Stevens

Anna Bosch

Consciousness Coach

Germany +49 (0)173 / 3 19 19 96

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