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Because being highly sensitive can feel like a burden instead of the gift it truly is, if we are not able to deal with it.

While having access to a wide range of emotional states is necessary for artistic work, it is hard to deal with them on a daily base. Feeling misunderstood, disconnected, overwhelmed or worn out as a result of acting upon them or worse, suppressing unwanted emotions in everyday interaction. Sometimes we don’t even know how to trust our guts any more. We feel like we have to protect our vulnerability from the outer world or we get hurt all the time. At the same time those highs and lows make us who we are. And being genuinely who we are is what we bring to the world.

Because stepping into our power means having feelings instead of them having us.



Being present  with everything that arises

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As a musician, soloist and orchestra player I stood  countless times in the spotlight. It was a long and rocky way until I was able to let go of my fear of failure and embrace the risk that comes with exposure. The belief that it is enough to only train technical skills is a common misinterpretation. The secret lies in being, not doing. With every limiting belief we install after experiencing a setback we increase the gap between us and our possibilities. The consequences are inhibition and fear instead of flow and joy. My mission is to support you in developing your full potential of self-expression and encourage a sustainable shift in your being to reach the goals you set for yourself. I will be on your side during the whole process cheering you on and asking you to see what is hidden.

Apart from being a professional musician I started taking professional dance classes when most of the dancers around me where almost half my age. My drive for making the impossible become reality transformed my way of thinking. My curiosity and interest in self-development lead to a university degree in psychology. Although I didn’t enjoy the process of getting it, it was something I had to do to satisfy my need for security. A certification in Consciousness Coaching® and the process of diving deep into my own shadows and conditioning was the eye opener I so desperately searched for. The real work always happens on an experiential level. I can only be as good a coach as I put in the work on my own personal development. My strenght is listening without agenda, connecting on a deep, compassionate level and letting you see your excellence so that you can fully claim your power.

Volunteering for an international aid organisation after a calamity hit in the Philippines, was a life changing experience. There really isn’t a big difference between all of us. No matter what cultural background we grew up, we still feel the same pain, joy and desires. The best we can do is give ourselves to the world.



You suffer from stage fright? Feel insecure and self-conscious when in the spotlight? Your fear of failure is holding you back from doing what you really can? Playing rather safe than taking big risks? Your emotions have taken the best of you for the longest time? After performing you feel empty and depressed? Ask yourself if your way of thinking and feeling directs you towards the outcome you wish to have. Does it open up new possibilities and insight or is it a reaction and as such just following an automatically chosen road to destruction? In Coaching I will offer you questions to live into. Your job is to explore the answers layer by layer and create a new path of thinking. I see the human being in totality, your behaviour and mind as well as your emotions and soul.  By raising your awareness you are able to make choices from a different level. You will get the ability to experience yourself as more powerful, exceptional, present and authentic. Let yourself be touched in order to touch others and consciously decide how you will impact the world.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna as a coach. She is perceptive, open, caring and fun, and has a strong desire to help her clients. In my experience with Anna she always has a purpose and that purpose is to help you achieve your goals.
Alex D., actor

As I began this journey, I had no idea that I would gain so much from my time with Anna. THANK YOU! Anna was my mirror and held the torch as I walked along a wonderful journey towards finding my authentic self. With her encouraging words, I dug deeper. Anna is compassionate, kind and joyful. I am so happy to have crossed paths with her. I would recommend Anna again and again.
René C.

A beautiful journey that set my life into motion. Many thanks Anna for your loving guidance and creating a powerful space to open up.
Gerard B.

As a professional flamenco dancer, achieving Duende is the highest possible goal. Even after years of training and performing I still haven´t managed to break that intangible barrier. With Anna’s help I managed to experience this life altering feeling and learned how to get rid of the mental ballast preventing me from getting there..
Bram Stevens

Anna Bosch

Consciousness Coach

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